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Foundation For Senior Services

The following are excerpts from the Foundation For Senior Services and intended for informative purposes only. Please visit the website or contact the FSS directly for further information.

The Foundation for Senior Services (FSS), and its Senior Specialists Group (SSG) chapters in Southern California are well-positioned to work in conjunction with the city districts, educational institutions and other community resources to meet the ongoing demands of our fast-growing aging population. Estimates for 2030 show the aging population in California growing from 7 million to 12 million. This growth will require more senior services facilities and qualified healthcare professionals.

The FSS mission is to offer education and resources for seniors and the general public to better prepare the elderly community to age well with comfort, safety, dignity and financial wellness. The SSG brings together vetted, qualified and highly experienced professionals to "link communities to the needs of seniors" and advocate for diversity and positive impact in the senior community. 

As a senior care manager, I work closely with the FSS and SSG to deliver courses and training programs within the senior care network. My services also include plenty of resources and direct advocacy for my clients' needs with partners throughout the elder care community. 

To learn more about the FSS and SSG, please visit their website at or book your free consultation with me. 

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