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Aquamation for Seniors: A Gentle, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Burial

As seniors approach the end of their lives, they often start thinking about the legacy they want to leave behind. For many, this means making arrangements for their final resting place. Traditionally, this has meant burial or cremation. However, a new option has emerged in recent years that offers a more eco-friendly and gentle alternative: aquamation.

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation, is a process that uses water, alkaline chemicals, and heat to dissolve a body into its natural elements. The process takes place inside a stainless-steel chamber that resembles a large pressure cooker. The body is placed inside, and a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide is added. The chamber is sealed, and heat is applied to raise the temperature to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Over the course of several hours, the water and chemicals break down the body's tissues, leaving behind bones and other mineralized materials. The remaining liquid is a sterile, non-toxic solution that can be safely released into the environment.

Why Aquamation is a Good Option for Seniors

It's Environmentally-Friendly!

One of the main benefits of aquamation is that it is a much more environmentally friendly option than traditional burial or cremation. Traditional burial involves embalming fluids, caskets, and concrete vaults that take up valuable space and can leach harmful chemicals into the ground. Cremation releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases into the air.

In contrast, aquamation does not involve any harmful chemicals or pollutants. The process uses less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases than cremation, and the remaining solution is safe to release into the environment. This makes it a good option for seniors who are concerned about the impact their final arrangements will have on the planet.

It's Cost-Effective!

Another benefit of aquamation is that it can be a more cost-effective option than traditional burial or cremation. Traditional burial can be expensive, with costs for caskets, burial plots, and headstones adding up quickly. Cremation can also be costly, especially if a family opts for an elaborate urn or scattering ceremony.

In contrast, aquamation can be a more affordable option. Because it does not require a burial plot or casket, the costs can be significantly lower. This can be especially important for seniors who may be on a fixed income and want to ensure that their final arrangements are not a financial burden on their loved ones.

It's Gentle and Non-Invasive!

Aquamation is also a gentle and non-invasive option for seniors who may be concerned about the idea of their body being burned or buried in the ground. The process is relatively quick and does not involve any cutting or dissection of the body.

Additionally, because the process is carried out in a closed chamber, there is no risk of exposure to harmful chemicals or other contaminants. This can be important for seniors who may have medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to environmental toxins.

It Can Be Personalized!

Finally, aquamation offers a high degree of personalization and customization. Families can choose to have the remaining solution returned to them and use it to plant a tree or other living memorial. They can also choose to scatter the remains in a meaningful location or keep them in a special urn.

Where Can I Find Aquamation Services in California?

It's important for you to research whether aquamation is a legal option in your state. Additionally, some aquamation providers offer personalized services such as music, readings, or other rituals during the process. This can be a meaningful way for seniors to ensure that their final arrangements reflect their unique personality and values.

If you are a senior considering aquamation as an option for your final arrangements, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced provider. Look for a provider that is licensed and certified, so you get the best advice and service.

My recommended aquamation service provider is Pisces Aqumation. Visit their website to learn more:

As a senior care manager in Torrance and the South Bay area, I help seniors understand their options and alternatives for final arrangements. Schedule a free initial consultation with me, or call (424)333-0081 to learn more about making senior living easier.

Please note this article is for informational purposes and based on personal opinion. Age Well South Bay LLC does not endorse or promote any product or service discussed on this page unless expressly stated. For any questions, please contact

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