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EVENT - Death Over Drafts

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

January 27, 2023

In January, I co-sponsored an event for those interested in learning and sharing about end-of-life planning, resources and networking. This collaborative gathering called Death Over Drafts Happy Hour was a great way to spark curiosity and connection around death and dying. As senior care professionals, we wanted to create a space for open discussion and de-stigmatize talking about the inevitable.

Death over Drafts Happy Hour is a recurring monthly event held in various Los Angeles breweries. The co-founders, Stefanie Elkins of Be Present Care along with Jill Schock of Death Doula LA are both end-of-life doulas who guide senior clients and their families through the dying process. As interest in guided passage through end-of-life care has risen, Stefanie and Jill have welcomed others who shared their passions, including senior care managers, geriatric care consultants and other professions working with elderly patients to engage in conversations on death and dying.

The Death Deck continues to be a welcome conversation starter that is featured at many happy hours. As the thirst for conversation we are co-crafting Death over Drafts Happy Hours across the country.

Be Present Care, Death Doula LA, The Death Deck, Co-Crafters for Death over Drafts in Torrance are:

To learn more, go to: DOD HH-2020 and Dive into Death YouTube Station or give me a call at the number below to get more information. We look forward to bringing more connections into our network to better service our elderly residents in the South Bay.

As a senior care manager in Torrance and the South Bay area, I help seniors find their ideal end-of-life care options and guide families through the planning and preparation for their loved ones. Schedule a free initial consultation with me, or call (424) 333-0081 to learn more about making senior living easier.

Please note this article is for informational purposes and based on personal opinion. Age Well South Bay LLC does not endorse or promote any product or service discussed on this page unless expressly stated. For any questions, please contact

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